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10 Remedies for a Tooth Infection

A tooth infection is a common dental issue. It requires immediate treatment to prevent more serious complications. If left untreated, the infection may spread to other body parts and get worse. Whenever you notice any symptoms, make sure to contact your doctor and seek proper treatment. In mild cases, there are some common home remedies to try. Let’s take a look at them and learn more about how to relieve a tooth infection.

Oregano Oil

Oregano oil contains many antioxidative and antibacterial properties. It can be effective in alleviating the pain and the swelling caused by a tooth infection. You can easily purchase it in any drugstore or health food store. Keep in mind to dilute oregano oil with a carrier oil before every application to avoid irritation. After mixing, use a swab or cotton ball to apply it to the infected tooth for a few minutes. Rinse your mouth after 10 minutes. Repeat a few times a day to get the best results. [1]