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Ovarian Cysts – Symptoms and Causes

Ovaries are a part of the reproductive system in women. They are located on both sides of the uterus, right in the lower abdomen. Two ovaries are responsible for producing hormones progesterone and estrogen as well as eggs. Sometimes, a cyst or a fluid-filled sac would develop in these areas. Many people will experience this problem during their lifetime. Read on to learn more about typical symptoms and causes of ovarian cysts.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cysts

Excretory Function Issues

Ovarian cysts might lead to many issues with your excretory functions. Due to the development of fluid-filled sacs, you might have difficulty urinating. Another symptom is the feeling of increased pressure on the bladder. This would lead to trouble empty your bladder completely or an increased frequency of urination. In addition, a problem with bowel movement is not uncommon. When the cysts rupture, these problems might become worse. That’s why you need to contact your doctor as soon as possible to prevent further complications. [1]