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Laryngitis Treatments People Should Know

Do you wake up with a hoarse or croaky voice? Chances are you have suffered from laryngitis. This condition typically happens when the vocal cords get inflamed due to infection, irritation, or overuse and lead to distortion in the voice. Just nasty flu or one night of yelling and cheering during a basketball match would trigger laryngitis. Fortunately, if you don’t have more serious symptoms, there is no need to visit a doctor. Here are some treatment options you can try to deal with laryngitis.

Stay Hydrated

One of the most common symptoms of laryngitis is dry coughing. In general, your vocal cords will need moisture to work. Thus, always keep your body hydrated to ensure moist mucus membranes, thus alleviating discomfort and inflammation. Stay away from carbonated, sugary, and dairy-based drinks because they would tickle the throat further and result in coughing spells. Always make sure to take in 2 liters of purified water on a daily basis. Consider warming water a little bit to help loosen throat and nasal congestion. Also, you can add lemon and honey. Lemon juice is known as a mild antiseptic to combat infections and clear throat mucus, while honey would relieve an irritated or sore throat[1]