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Signs & Symptoms of Laryngitis

Laryngitis is a condition occurring when your larynx or voice box gets inflamed. Under the effects, this part can be irritated, thus making your voice become hoarse or disappear. In most cases, it is a temporary, minor condition triggered by a recent illness or cold. However, you can also suffer from chronic laryngitis, which can be a symptom of more severe medical conditions. Understanding the following signs of laryngitis to get immediate treatments and preventions.

Dry Cough

Under the effects of laryngitis, your vocal cords will be irritated and provoke the urge to cough. In most cases, a cough triggered by laryngitis is typically cough rather than wet. This is mainly because it is often limited to your upper airway, not the lower airway in which sputum is released. Thus, if you feel wet and have sputum when coughing, then it is unlikely to be caused by laryngitis. Instead, it would be caused by a viral infection or a cold. However, those conditions would have the potential to trigger laryngitis in the future. [1]