Deviated Septum -Diagnosis And Treatment

A deviated septum happens when the nasal septum, a thin wall between the nasal passages, is unevenly displaced. Many people have a deviated or off-center nasal septum. This makes one nasal passage larger than the other, which can block the nose and eventually reduce airflow. If left untreated, it would dry the nose and lead to bleeding or crusting. Read on this article to learn more about how to diagnose and treat a deviated septum.

1Deviated Septum Diagnosis

Physical Exam

The most common option to diagnose a deviated septum is a physical exam. It can be done by an ear, nose, throat or ENT specialist. Firstly, the doctor will ask several questions concerning your symptoms. Once he or she has a clear understanding, the next step is to check inside the nose with a bright light and a nasal speculum, which can help open the nostrils. In some cases, a long scope with a tube shape can be used to check farther in the nose. The specialist could also need to check the nasal tissues after and before spraying a decongestant. Based on the results, your doctor would find out the seriousness of your deviation.[1]


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