Causes and Treatments for Dry Nose

Dry nose or dry sinus is a condition occurring when the mucous membranes in these areas don’t get sufficient moisture. This results in many issues such as dry nasal passages, nosebleeds, and similar signs in your mouth and throat due to irritated and inflamed tissues. In some severe cases, it would even lead to an infection that requires antibiotics to treat. Fortunately, this is a quite common complaint that can be alleviated easily. Below are some main causes and treatments for a dry nose that you should know.

16 Causes of Dry Nose

Pet Allergy

If you own a cat or dog in your home, it is likely that you would be allergic to their furs or dander. When these elements flow in the air, you can breathe them into your noses. In some people, pet furs would irritate their nasal passages and lead to some symptoms of their dry nose. To know exactly if your pets are causing your condition, it is better to visit an allergist or doctor to take allergy testing. In most cases, they would give you useful pieces of advice to deal with this condition without staying away from your furry friends. [1]


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