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Sore Throat vs Strep Throat – Differences to Know

Do you feel burning and aching sensations in your throat? Is it painful and uncomfortable to swallow? These are some very common symptoms of a sore throat. However, it can also indicate a more serious condition: a strep throat. While there are many similarities between these two health issues, they can vary in a few characteristics. Understanding these differences can help determine the right treatment options. Keep reading to learn how to spot a strep throat or sore throat.

What is a Sore Throat?

A sore throat is the painful, irritating, or scratchy feeling around the throat. It tends to become worse when you swallow. This is a common health issue that can be triggered by many factors. While a sore throat is typically uncomfortable and annoying, it will often disappear on its own without any treatment options. Based on the affected area of the throat, this health issue can be divided into three main kinds: laryngitis affects the larynx or voice box, tonsillitis affects the tonsils or soft tissue around the back of your mouth, and pharyngitis affects the behind of your mouth. [1]