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10 Home Remedies for a Sore Throat for Instant Relief

A sore throat is a shared experience and is always related to irritation, pain, and itchiness of the throat. Most people often experience throat pain more often than any other symptom. You suddenly find yourself having a hard time swallowing liquids or food due to the sharp pain.

In some instances, where a sore throat doesn’t require you to visit your local physician, you may still have to deal with the pain, which often interrupts you from experiencing a sleep nirvana. Fortunately, there are at-home remedies you can avail yourself to soothe the irritation and discomfort.


This household item can be taken alone or alongside tea for soothing a sore throat. This is one of the common at-home remedies for dealing with a sore throat effectively.

A study shows that honey is more useful for taming the interrupting the nighttime coughs than most prescribed cough suppressants. Other studies found out that the honey is also beneficial when used to heal wounds, which points out that it may help alleviate your sore throat. [1]