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Alarming Triggers of Laryngitis

Laryngitis is the inflammation and swelling of your larynx, which is home to your vocal cords. This part is important for the processes of talking, swallowing, and breathing. The condition can be chronic or acute, even though it is often temporary without any severe complications in most cases. In fact, this is a quite common health issue in many people, with up to 20% of the population might have chronic laryngitis during the lifetime. It is important to know the causes of laryngitis for a precise diagnosis and treatments.

Voice Overuse

Those people who are public speakers, bartenders, teachers, or singers are especially at a higher risk of developing laryngitis than others. This is because overusing the voice for an extended period would lead to fatigue, swelling, or thickening of the vocal cords. Also, it might result in the development of abnormal tissue on your mucous membrane, also known as a polyp. In these cases, they would irritate your voice box and trigger laryngitis. So, if you are in those professions, it is advisable to take special voice lessons or speech therapy to protect the vocal cords. Also, avoid speaking, singing, shouting, or yelling at length. [1]