8 Types of Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma is a serious condition that causes cancerous plasma cells to grow and divide in the bone marrow. Since plasma cells are an essential part of white blood cells and the immune system, people with this disease tend to be vulnerable to many health issues. Based on the kind of protein or immunoglobulin generated, multiple myeloma can be categorized into many subtypes and types. Understanding their differences and similarities would be helpful in preventing and treating the condition. Below are the 8 main types of multiple myeloma that are mostly reported.

1Solitary Plasmacytoma

A solitary plasmacytoma occurs when abnormal plasma cells accumulate in a specific area and generate a single tumor. This type often affects bones and some surrounding tissues. The features are similar to other forms. Your doctor might need an MRI or PET scan to find out the damages in your bone marrow. People with solitary plasmacytoma often feel pain around the tumor site. Radiation therapy is the best treatment option for the condition. It is estimated that more than 30 percent of patients will eventually have other forms of multiple myeloma. Therefore, regular health checks are necessary to diagnose it early. [1]


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