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Fibrinogen Blood Test – What It Is, When You Need It, and More

What Is a Fibrinogen Blood Test?

A fibrinogen blood test is a lab test that measures the fibrinogen level in the blood. Also known as factor I, fibrinogen is a plasma protein in the blood that is released by the liver. It is one of coagulation factors that play a role in normal blood clotting. When bleed occurs, coagulation cascade process leads to a combination of these coagulation factors to make a blood that helps stop the bleeding. When the body does not have enough fibrinogen, clots may not form properly, which results in excessive bleeding. [1]

Why Do We Need A Fibrinogen Blood Test?

The main purpose of a fibrinogen blood test is to measure the fibrinogen in the blood and find out whether it is enough to form blood clots. It can be used for:

– Diagnosing the underlying cause of excessive bleeding or blocked blood flow. This test is often done after initial exams or tests to rule out other possible causes of the symptoms.

– Screening the possible risk of excessive bleeding to help a doctor determine whether you are suitable for a surgical procedure.

– Keeping track of regularly performing tests to find out how a person is responding to treatment or how a disease is progressing. [2]