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Relapsed Multiple Myeloma Symptoms

Multiple myeloma is a form of cancer that occurs in the bone marrow and causes the antibodies in the bloodstream to stop functioning properly. Many treatment options are available to manage the symptoms and alleviate some associated problems. However, several people might suffer from a relapse, meaning that the condition would come back after a period without signs. Early detection is the key to help prevent it from becoming too serious. Below are some common symptoms of relapsed multiple myeloma that you should notice.

Bone Fractures

The growth of multiple myeloma cells caused by a relapse would lead to weakened bones or a loss of bone density. This condition is also known as osteoporosis or osteopenia. Studies have found out that myeloma cells are able to activate the breaking down and deactivate the accumulation of bones. That is why people with relapsed multiple myeloma tend to have small holes or fractures in their bones. Spinal bones are mostly affected and cause the collapse of your vertebrae. In more serious cases, you would have severe back pain, compression of the spinal cord, as well as weakness and numbing of legs and arms. A CT scan or X-ray might be used to identify these bone damages. [1]