Delirium – Symptoms & Causes

Delirium is a sudden disturbance in the brain which affects some mental abilities. This condition would lead to many health issues such as emotional disruption, confusion, or memory loss. The occurrence of delirium is often quick, just within several hours or days. Fortunately, the symptoms tend to be temporary and could be treated with many options. Many people often mistake delirium with dementia as both conditions have quite similar signs. To ensure precise diagnosis, below are some common symptoms and causes of delirium that you need to know.

17 Symptoms of Delirium

Loss of Memory

Memory loss is usually the earliest symptom of delirium. You would forget a few minor things such as the keys, telephones, or personal items to major tasks or deadlines at work or school. In some severe cases, the memory issue would be so widespread that a person might forget his or her places, names, and friends. This condition can even affect other aspects of their life. For instance, people with delirium might have trouble recalling some simple words or using a popular digital device like a smartphone. If left untreated for an extended period, it would lead to permanent damages to the brain. [1]


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