Top 10 Signs of Hepatitis C

Hepatitis is a serious health issue that causes inflammation in the liver. It is mostly triggered by hepatitis viruses, including hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Among these, hepatitis C is the most severe form. This condition would also be caused by toxins, medications, autoimmune processes, and infections as well. Early detection and treatments are the keys to prevent further damages to your body. Here are the top 10 signs of hepatitis C you need to know.

1Dark Urine

Dark urine is one of the most common signs of hepatitis C. This means it might be in a color range, from cola-colored, brown to amber or orange. Since this is a health issue related to the liver, it will lead to a lack of functions in this body part. As a result, your body cannot filter out bilirubin, as usual, thus causing the urine to turn darker than usual. However, keep in mind that this condition might also be caused by other reasons such as dehydration, kidney disease, medications, or excessive consumption of vitamins. So if you have recently noticed consistent changes in the color of your urine without changing vitamin or medication intake, then make sure to visit your doctor immediately. [1]


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