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10 Common Signs of Liver Damage

The liver is an essential organ in our bodies located under the cage rib. It plays a critical role in our bodies as it is responsible for crucial nutrients digestion and defining each nutrient and sharing the vital nutrients to other body organs where each nutrient is required for healthy growth and development. It’s also responsible for removing all the toxic substances from our bodies in conjunction with the kidney. You realize that there are a lot of things that we do that damage our livers like consuming lots of alcohol where it is crucial if we deviate from such habits. Whenever you feel that your liver may be damaged, here are the ten common signs of liver damage that can help you get certainty of your liver health condition.

Yellowing of the Eyes and the Skin

One of the common signs of damaged liver you can notice is that individuals expose yellowing eyes where the eyes and the skin exposing yellow spots. It may seem scary to see such a symptom, but you only need to consult a doctor for diagnoses. The condition referred to as jaundice that occurs as a result of a high level of a pigment called bilirubin in the body. It’s usually a yellow pigment produced by a damaged liver that ends up to the skin and the eyes. It’s a sign of damaged liver, liver cirrhosis, and also a sign that your liver is deteriorating and needs medical attention. [1]