The Function of the Liver

The liver is the largest solid organ in the human’s body. Weighing approximately 3 pounds in typical adults, it plays a vital role in the immune system and metabolic functions. This organ is located in the right upper part of the stomach, right below your diaphragm. Compared to other areas, liver accounts for up to 13% of the blood in the body. Without a functioning liver, people cannot survive. Below are 12 important functions of this organ that everyone should know.

1Blood Supply

Your liver plays an important role in the body’s blood supply. It works as a bridge that allows blood to go through from the upper parts to some organs of the digestive system. More importantly, this organ can filter waste and toxins in the blood and maximize the number of nutrients or minerals reaching other areas. That’s why the liver is one of the most important organs in the body. Without it, most functions will be affected, leading to significant disruption in our daily lives. [1]


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