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10 Fatty Liver Symptoms You Need to Know

Hepatic steatosis or fatty liver is the accumulation of fat cells in the liver. Since the liver is responsible for many essential functions such as filtering toxins from blood or processing foods and drinks, this condition could cause many health issues and result in long-term damages. Fatty liver is increasingly becoming a common health issue in many countries, so it is important to look for the following 10 fatty liver symptoms for early treatments.


One of the most common signs of fatty liver is the feeling of extreme fatigue or exhaustion even after you take a rest. This health issue would make you feel tired all day long, even when you are getting a lot of rest and sleep. In general, you might feel like the body is very weak without the energy to do normal activities. In addition, there might be irritability, muscle soreness, or headaches. While exhaustion alone does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from fatty liver illness, you should consult your doctor when other symptoms occur. [1]