Liver Cirrhosis Diet – Foods to Eat & Avoid

Cirrhosis is a health condition that causes fibrosis, or extensive scarring, in the liver. It is often triggered by inflammation after a chronic injury excessive alcohol consumption or other issues. Though the liver is able to repair itself, a gradual accumulation of scar tissues makes this organ function less properly over time. Thus, it is not uncommon for patients with this condition to become malnourished because of digestive problems and changes in metabolism. In this post, we will show you some diet tips for people with liver cirrhosis.

16 Foods to Eat

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids. Unlike other forms, these are healthy fats that can alleviate inflammation and reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis. Studies have found out that they are able to prevent fat from accumulating, improving insulin resistance, as well as keeping the levels of enzyme normal. Some great sources to consider include salmon, tuna, char, mackerel, sardine, and more. It is important to know that wild-caught fish tend to contain higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids than commercially grown ones. However, avoid consuming them too much as it would cause some health issues due to mercury content. [1]


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