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Kidney Infection – Diagnosis & Treatment

Kidney infection, medically known as pyelonephritis, is a special type of infection in the urinary tract. It often starts from the bladder or urethra and gradually moves into both kidneys. In most cases, immediate medical treatments are necessary to prevent bacteria from penetrating the bloodstream and damaging these important organs permanently. Keep reading our guide to learn more about some diagnosis techniques and treatments for a kidney infection.

Kidney Infection Diagnosis


Urinalysis is a lab test that can be taken to find out the presence of an infection. During the procedure, your doctor will collect a urine sample for further analysis in the laboratory. A kidney infection would affect how the body eliminates toxins and waste. As a result, the content, concentration, and appearance of the urine are also affected. If the results suggest the presence of bacteria and white blood cells, then you might suffer from a bacterial infection in the kidneys. Before the test, you should drink a lot of water to ensure the urine sample is sufficient. [1]