Hemochromatosis – Symptoms & Causes

Hemochromatosis is a health condition that causes the body to absorb more iron from food than your needs. This leads to iron overload in several organs, particularly the pancreas, heart, and liver. In more serious cases, too much iron would result in fatal health issues, such as diabetes, heart problems, and liver disease. To prevent further complications and have a good treatment plan, it is important to know the following symptoms and causes of hemochromatosis.

18 Symptoms of Hemochromatosis

Abdominal Pain

When hemochromatosis leads to iron overload in the body, it would lead to many digestive issues such as vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain. The symptom is caused when the excess iron builds up in your stomach and other surrounding areas. Abdominal pain tends to be one of the earliest signs since iron can be absorbed from food. However, it can be hard to find out if the sensation is related to hemochromatosis as there are many possible causes. It is better to discuss with your doctor or healthcare provider to assess your condition. [1]


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