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Nausea Causes & Treatments

Nausea is a very common health issue in many people. It is the queasy feeling occurring in the stomach which indicates that you might need to vomit. As a result, you might have a gag reflex in the mouth as stomach contents would reach your throat’s back and stimulate the nerves involved with gagging. Nausea would be caused by many drugs and conditions, such as pregnancy, chemotherapy, dizziness, cancer, and more. There are many ways to cope with it if you know the exact causes. In the following sections, you will learn more about some common causes and treatments for nausea.

5 Causes of Nausea

Food Allergy

Food intolerance or allergies might lead to frequent nauseous bouts in a few consecutive weeks. You would easily notice this pattern, especially when you consume the same foods during this time. Among these, lactose intolerance is the most common cause. It occurs when your body cannot digest milk as usual. Thus, when you consume some dairy products like cheese or yogurt, the body will try to eliminate them via nausea or vomiting. Also, some people might be intolerant of some foods, such as strawberries, corns, and more. Consult a dietitian and figure out the underlying triggers to remove them from your daily meals. [1]