Amyloidosis – Diagnosis & Treatment

Amyloidosis occurs when amyloid accumulates in specific organs of the body. This is a very rare disease. Amyloid is an abnormal type of protein which is generated in the bone marrow and deposited in any area. This condition would affect various organs, depending on the form that you have. However, amyloidosis often affects the digestive system, nervous system, spleen, liver, kidney, and heart. In severe cases, you might experience fatal organ failure. There is still no cure for this disease at the moment. Below are some methods to diagnose and treat amyloidosis.

1Amyloidosis Diagnosis

Tissue Biopsy

One of the most common diagnostic tests for amyloidosis is a tissue biopsy. During this procedure, your doctor will remove a small sample of tissues from several organs, such as abdominal fat, heart, kidneys, nerves, or liver. It will be later checked in the lab for any signs of amyloid buildups. The results will allow your doctor to know the specific type of deposited amyloid and the exact area where these proteins are accumulating. This is important to make a proper treatment plan and speed up your recovery. [1]


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