Absence Seizure – Symptoms & Causes

An absence seizure, also known as a petit mal seizure, is actually not a type of seizure. Unlike convulsive seizures, this condition is not obvious and disruptive. However, it would lead to impaired consciousness and interfere with many daily tasks in life. While children with epilepsy are at the highest risk, adults would also suffer from this health issue. Read on to learn more about the symptoms and causes of absence seizure so that you can take proper preventive measures.

16 Symptoms of Absence Seizure

Unusual Face Movements

People with an absence seizure tend to have unusual movements on their heads and faces. When the condition occurs, they would lick the lips or move the jaw down and up as if they were chewing something. In addition, their jaw would move between two sides. In some atypical cases, you can notice their head bobbing down or up. Another sign is the fluttering of eyelids, which means the parts close and open quickly. Blinking the eyes excessively can also suggest the presence of an absence seizure. All of these issues indicate that the condition is affecting the brain area that is responsible for your facial movements. [1]


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