Chills and Migraine: Connection, Treatments & More

1What Is a Migraine?

Migraines are a form of headaches that keep recurring. They are characterized by moderate to severe pulsing or throbbing pain. In most cases, you tend to feel pain only on one side of the head. Other symptoms may also occur, such as weakness, nausea, auras, and sensitivity to sound or light. Scientists suggest that migraines may be caused by certain genetic factors. Common triggers of migraines include anxiety, stress, strong smells, loud noises, flashing or bright lights, hormonal changes, medications, a lack of sleep, smoking, intensely physical activity, sudden changes in environment or weather, skipped meals, and certain foods or drinks. [1]

What Are Chills?

Chills are basically involuntary responses of the body to regulate the core temperature. You cannot control them consciously. When chills happen, people might shake, tremble, shiver, have goosebumps, or experience chattering teeth. Shivering leads to the contraction and relaxation of muscles, which helps warm up the body. In some cases, exposure to low temperatures may result in cold chills. Chills can also indicate that the body is trying to fight against an infection, illness, or other health issues. [2]


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