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Tension Headache – Diagnosis & Treatments

A tension headache is typically a mild to severe painful sensation in the head. It is quite similar to the feeling of having a tight band around these areas. This is the most common form of headache in many people. While the exact causes are still not well-understood, there are many ways to ease the pain and help you deal with related symptoms. Let’s take a look at several diagnosis techniques and treatment options for tension headaches.

Tension Headache Diagnosis

Blood Tests

Some medical conditions would lead to tension headaches. These include thyroid issues, diabetes, liver failure, or sepsis. Therefore, your doctor might do some blood tests to determine the presence of those conditions. The most common method is a CBC or complete blood count. Also, some other options include liver function tests or electrolyte levels. The main goal is to measure the ratio of some essential substances in your blood that would be affected by these health problems. [1]