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Grand Mal Seizure – Symptoms & Causes

A grand mal seizure or a generalized tonic-clonic seizure is the most common kind of seizure. It is characterized by violent contractions of muscles and a loss of consciousness. The condition is mostly triggered by abnormal electrical activities in the brain. However, many other health issues would be a possible cause. It is important to seek immediate medical attention to prevent further complications. Below are some common symptoms and causes of grand mal seizure that you need to know.

7 Symptoms of Grand Mal Seizure

Loss of Consciousness

One of the most typical signs of a grand mal seizure is the loss of consciousness or awareness. Any disruption or disturbance to your brain activities might cause the body to blank out or lose anywhere from several seconds to several minutes of awareness. In more serious cases, the seizure might even cause you to lose consciousness completely and pass out. In case your loved one does not wake up after a couple of minutes, make sure to seek emergency attention to avoid further complications. Unlike other types of seizures, loss of consciousness in a grand mal seizure tends to last from 10 to 20 seconds, accompanied by muscle convulsions in around two minutes. [1]