Dizziness: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Dizziness is a term that refers to different feelings such as unbalanced, woozy, or lightheaded. This condition affects your sensory organs, particularly the ears and eyes, so it would sometimes lead to fainting. Dizziness is not actually a disease, but rather a sign of other disorders like disequilibrium or vertigo. It is quite common in many people, and the underlying causes usually aren’t serious. Thus, frequent dizziness isn’t something you have to worry. In this post, we will show you an overall guide about dizziness causes, symptoms, and treatments.

1Dizziness Causes


One of the most common causes of dizziness in many people is dehydration. When you don’t take in enough water to replace the fluids that you lose each day when urinating, breathing, or sweating, it will result in a drop in blood pressure. This leads to a deficiency of oxygen in your brain, thus causing dizziness. Some other signs of dehydration include dark urine, tiredness, and thirstiness. It is easy to remedy this condition by drink enough water or fruit juice every day, which is recommended at least 2 liters. Also, limit the consumption of soda, tea, and coffee since these drinks would make you lose water quickly. [1]


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