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Broca’s Aphasia – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatments

Broca’s aphasia, also known as expressive aphasia, is a non-fluent form of aphasia. It is caused by damages in the Broca’s area of the brain, which is located on the left side. Since this region plays a key role in motor movement and speech, the condition would lead to the loss of communication and language processing. The following guide will show you some common symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatments for Broca’s aphasia.

4 Symptoms of Broca’s Aphasia

Speech Issues

People with Broca’s aphasia will have many speech issues over time. They tend to lose all of the capabilities and skills related to communication and language. Some typical changes include issues with both spoken and written language, stuttering, word mispronouncing, troubles understanding sentences, or words. In addition, you should look for incorrect word orders, incomplete sentences, slowed speech, reduced use of language, grammatically incorrect sentences, as well as many other spelling or reading problems. Keep in mind that these signs can vary a lot, depending on the affected brain regions. [1]