Main Causes of Alzheimer You Need to Know

Alzheimer is one of the illnesses that affect people in extreme ways where it is prevalent and can affect anybody. It is usually a progressive disorder that affects the brain cells causing the cells to waste away over time. You need to note that it is one of the significant causes of dementia disorder, which is a continuous and gradual decline in thinking capacity, social skills, and inability to function independently. Alzheimer starts gradually with simple signs such as forgetting simple activities and what follows is severe memory loss leading to the failure to perform daily tasks. Here are the 10 Alzheimer Causes.

You realize that Scientists have performed numerous researches trying to establish the causes of the illness. The actual cause is not known, but most of the results indicate that the disease comes as a result of genetic changes, lifestyle, and environmental factors that affect the brain over time.


You find that Alzheimer’s disease affects the memory components, thus affecting the patient’s performance to comprehend and solely depend on themselves. The genetics of the illnesses follows the genesis of the cells. Each cell contains millions of instructions made up of the DNA, which is unique in every individual. The DNA is packed in chromosomes in thousands of components called chromosomes, which are passed from the parent to the child. Scientists believe that even a single alteration of the genes can cause Alzheimer. Genes are hereditary, and if the line of the parents had a great grandparent with Alzheimer, then the genes are passed along the family lineage, thus resulting in a generation of the family affected by Alzheimer. [1]


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