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Early Warning Signs of a Seizure

Seizures are a common health issue that tends to happen in an episodic and unexpected way. They would last from several seconds to several minutes with some typical signs. In most cases, seizures appear suddenly without clear warning. Nevertheless, in several cases, there are a few warning signs that occur a few hours or days in advance. Pay special attention to the following symptoms and seek medical attention as long as you notice them.


An aura is basically a perceptual disturbance that many people with seizures or migraines often experience. This symptom tends to occur before a focal seizure or a generalized seizure. The sign usually manifests as the sensation of a confusing thought, an annoying smell, or a strange light. Auras can vary greatly, depending on individuals. An aura sensation would include one or many changes. Visual changes include bright lights, shape and size distortions, zigzag lines, or even temporary blindness. Auditory changes include heightened sensitivity, buzzing sounds, or hearing sounds or voices that do not exist. Some other sensations include déjà vu, strange smells, nausea, or abdominal discomfort. [1]