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Sarcoidosis – Diagnosis, Treatments & Life Expectancy

Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory condition characterized by the growths of inflammatory cells in different body organs. It might be caused by the response of your immune system to foreign components, such as chemicals, bacteria, or viruses. Some commonly affected parts include the heart, liver, skin, eyes, lungs, brain, spleen, or lymph nodes. Women are often at higher risk of developing sarcoidosis than men. In this post, we’ll show you more information about the diagnosis, treatments, and life expectancy for people with sarcoidosis.

Sarcoidosis Diagnosis


A biopsy is a small sample of tissues taken from a specific body part. This test can be taken to look for the presence of granulomas caused by sarcoidosis. In most cases, biopsies are often got from lymph nodes, lungs, or skin lesions. The sample will be examined to collect useful information about your condition. Also, the results could help the doctor to rule out some possible causes for your health problem. There are many different kinds, so make sure to consult your doctor for a proper option. [1]