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10 Home Remedies for Boils

Boils are a bacterial infection in the skin, mostly the hair follicles and oil glands. They typically develop in areas with a lot of pressure or friction. These include buttocks, shoulders, groin, armpits, and face. Boils often start as red and painful bumps that may progress into pus-filled heads. It takes a few days or even weeks for them to burst and heal. Keep reading this post to learn about some home remedies for boils that you can try.

Hot Compresses

As soon as you notice symptoms of a boil on the skin, it is advisable to start applying hot compresses. Early treatment may help reduce the risk of possible complications in the future. There are a few benefits of heat. Firstly, it increases the blood flow to the affected area, thus bringing more white blood cells and antibodies to the infected site. Another benefit is that the warmth may draw the pus to the boil’s surface. This allows for faster draining. And applying a hot compress can also ease the pain and discomfort. You can easily make hot compresses at home by putting a washcloth under warm water and squeeze out excess moisture. [1]