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Psoriatic Arthritis Diet & Lifestyle Tips

Psoriatic arthritis is a form of chronic arthritis. It mainly happens in people with psoriasis, a skin disorder that triggers the quick accumulation of skin cells. The most typical symptom is the inflammation of major body joints and tissues. This can be very painful and uncomfortable or even lead to permanent damages. Fortunately, some foods and adjustments in your daily lives can help manage the pain. Here are a few diet and lifestyle tips to prevent or improve psoriatic arthritis.

Consume Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Anti-inflammatory foods are one of the most important options to alleviate painful symptoms in people with psoriatic arthritis. The best sources should contain omega-3 fatty acids, a form of polyunsaturated fatty acids that provides many health benefits thanks to its anti-inflammatory elements. These include olive oil, tuna, salmon, chia and flax seeds, flaxseed oil, avocados, or nuts. By adding and consuming them in an extended period, they can prevent inflammation caused by psoriatic arthritis and improve your quality of life. Another essential property is alpha-linolenic acid. It is able to be converted to DHA and EPA, two important substances for the body. [1]