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Torn Meniscus – Symptoms and Causes

Menisci are two pieces of cartilage on the knee. They work as a cushion between the thighbone and the shinbone. A torn meniscus is a common knee injury. It typically occurs when you participate in an activity that forcefully rotates or twists the knee. Some home remedies like OTC medications, ice, or rest can help alleviate pain and discomfort in mild cases. Nevertheless, surgery might be needed when the tear is severe. Read on to learn more about the common symptoms and causes of a torn meniscus.

5 Symptoms of Torn Meniscus


After a torn meniscus occurs, you often feel localized pain around the knee. Depending on the severity, it can be mild, moderate, or intense. In mild cases, you can only feel the sensation when touching. This typically goes away after a few weeks with some simple home remedies. However, physical activities like squatting or twisting can worsen the symptom. In more series cases, the pain makes it nearly impossible to stand or walk as usual. Without proper treatments, it can disrupt your daily life and last for an extended period. [1]