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What Are the Signs of Hip Pain

Hip pain is a common health issue that would be described as burning, sharp, or aching. The level of intensity can range from mild to serious. There are many possible triggers of hip pain, such as bursitis, arthritis, joint infection, fracture, or injuries. A doctor often needs a physical exam, medical history, and some imaging techniques to diagnose hip pain. Once diagnosed, a treatment plan can be suggested to help alleviate the condition. Read on the learn some common signs of hip pain based on the cause.

Signs of Hip Pain Caused By Injury

An injury is one of the most common causes of hip pain. It often causes discomfort around the groin area, which indicates possible damages or inflammation of soft tissues or muscles in your lower abdomen. The symptom is relatively common in those people who often do lots of extreme turning and twisting in their physical activities. In severe cases, the pain can limit your movement. It is necessary to rest the irritated muscles in a few weeks. Surgery might also be needed to repair the damaged muscles. [1]