10 Ways to Relieve Daily Hip Pain

Hip pain is a very common health complaint in many people. Everyone experiences this problem at some point in their life. It would be triggered by a wide range of causes, which lead to different symptoms and signs. Finding the exact location of the pain might help you figure out the underlying causes. In most cases, this health issue can be alleviated easily and quickly in many options. Read on this guide to learn more about 10 ways to relieve your daily hip pain.

1Heat and Cold

Another simple yet very effective way to relieve hip pain is to apply heat and cold. Holding an ice pack around the hip would alleviate inflammation of the joints. You can easily do this by wrapping several ice cubes or using a bag of frozen veggies. Keep it around 15 minutes many times during the day to get the best effect. Similarly, place a warm or heat pack in the same area would reduce pain and improve blood circulation. You can also take a hot shower or bath instead. Heat could be particularly effective before you do some stretches or physical exercises. [2]


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