10 Main Causes of Foot Pain

Our feet are responsible for bearing the body weight we are standing. Thus, foot pain is a very common health issue that indicates some issues with how those parts are interacting with external or internal factors. In most cases, this might refer to any discomfort or pain in some parts such as soles, arches, heels, or toes. The pain would range from severe to mild, and it might be a chronic or acute problem. Below is a list of 10 common foot pain causes you should know to take preventive measures.

1Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

The posterior tibialis is a tendon that attaches to the foot’s bottom near your medial arch and courses down the inner lower leg. It is important in supporting the natural arch of your foot. Any irritation or inflammation in this part might lead to pain, flatfoot deformity, as well as limited walking capability. Fortunately, this issue can be treated easily with orthotics, anti-inflammatory modalities, balance exercises, and some exercises for strength and flexibility. Work with your personal trainer to figure out the best plan for posterior tibial tendonitis. [1]


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