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15 Causes of Leg Pain You Need to Know

Leg pain is a very common health issue for non-athletes and athletes alike. In most cases, mild or minor leg pain is often caused by numerous reasons, from ligament sprains, muscle strains to a charley horse due to blunt trauma or leg cramps because of over-exertion or dehydration. Fortunately, these conditions could be treated easily with home care. However, leg pain could also be a sign of more severe issues such as low back problems, blood clots or diabetes. With that in mind, here are the common 15 causes of leg pain that you need to watch out for and may consult your doctor as appropriate.

Muscle Cramps

A muscle spasm or cramp, also known as charley horse, is one of the most common causes of leg pain. In most cases, this condition often triggers sharp, sudden when the muscles in your leg contract. As a result, the tightening muscles will lead to a visible and hard lump under the skin. There might also be some swelling and redness in the surrounding areas. Dehydration and muscle fatigue might result in leg cramps, particularly around the calf. A few drugs, including statins and diuretics, might also cause this issue in some people. [1]