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7 Triggers for Seizures

Seizures are a relatively serious health condition caused by many reasons. It can be brought on when some people face triggers, which can be events, people, drugs, smells, and many other elements. Every person has different triggers, so it is important to understand them to take proper preventive measures. In this guide, we will show you 7 common things that would increase the risk of causing a seizure.

Hormonal Changes

A change in the hormonal balance would be a possible trigger of seizures in women. The risk is especially high during pregnancy and menstrual cycles as these periods might affect the production of some important hormones. To reduce the risk, your healthcare provider needs to review the drugs you are taking that might level out the levels of the hormone. In some cases, it is necessary to suggest a change in the amount of anti-seizure medication, depending on the exact stages of the menstrual cycle. The most common options are often birth control pills or progesterone pills. [1]