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The Causes and Effects of Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder impingement is one of the main triggers of pain and discomfort in the shoulder area. It is a common health issue in athletes who often use their shoulders, such as softball players, baseball players, or swimmers. This condition occurs when a group of tendons and muscles in your shoulder rubs or catches the acromion, or the top of the shoulder, which leads to increased pressure. Keep reading to learn some typical causes and effects of shoulder impingement that you should know.

5 Causes of Shoulder Impingement

Overused Muscles

Shoulder impingement can be a direct result of overused muscles. Any activity or task that requires repetitive movements of your arms and shoulder can increase the risk. These include lifting heavy objects, working in construction sites, painting, playing baseball, tennis, or softball, and swimming. When these muscles are excessively used, they can become tired and lack oxygen to function properly. Therefore, it is important to take regular breaks during playing or working so that your shoulder can have enough time to rest. [1]