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Achilles Tendinitis – Symptoms and Causes

The Achilles tendon connects the heel bone to the calf muscles. It runs down the back of our lower leg and is the largest tendon in the body. Though this part can withstand great pressure, repetitive straining would make it more prone to inflammation and injuries, especially Achilles tendinitis. If left untreated, the condition would lead to rupture or tear. In this article, we’ll take a look at common symptoms and causes of Achilles tendinitis.

Symptoms of Achilles Tendinitis


When Achilles tendinitis occurs, it would lead to swelling in the Achilles tendon. You would easily notice this sign by gently touching the heal area. If the tendon is swollen or thicker than usual, it would be a sign of inflammation or irritation. In addition, you can use the fingers to check for bony spurs at the low area of the tendon. It should be located at the back of the heel. Make sure to visit a healthcare provider as soon as you notice any tendon irregularities. [1]