Foot Pain Diagnosis – What’s Causing Your Pain

Our feet serve as shock absorbers by supporting a majority of our body weight when running, walking, or standing. This makes them highly susceptible to trauma and injuries. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see why so many people complain about foot pain. Since there are many possible causes with different symptoms, you should seek medical attention to ensure a precise diagnosis. Below are the five most common reasons for pain and discomfort in your feet.


Injury or physical trauma is probably the most common triggers of foot pain. It usually occurs when your ankle twists or turns beyond the usual range of motion. This would lead to fractures, which affect the bones, or sprains, which affect the ligaments. People with active lifestyles, such as professional athletes, farmers, or factory workers, tend to be at a higher risk. But common physical activities in daily lives can also cause an injury. In mild cases, resting and applying ice are enough to help you alleviate pain. More serious fractures might need medical attention from an orthopedic doctor. [1]


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