Osteomyelitis – Symptoms and Causes

Osteomyelitis is a form of bone infection. It would travel through the bloodstream or spread from nearby tissue to reach a bone. The condition would also start in your bone itself when an injury exposes this part to bacteria and germs. People with kidney failure or diabetes and smokers are often at a higher risk. With medical advancements, osteomyelitis can be successfully treated with intravenous antibiotics and surgery. Read on to learn more about its common symptoms and causes.

14 Symptoms of Osteomyelitis


Just like other infections, osteomyelitis would cause a fever, which makes the body temperature higher than usual. In normal conditions, body temperature is not the same from person to person. The average number is around 98.6 degrees. A fever is a sign that the body is attempting to kill the bacteria or virus that triggers the condition. The immune system increases the body temperature to help get rid of these foreign invaders. When the body is at a normal temperature, most of those viruses or bacteria can do well. But during a fever, it is more difficult for them to survive. [1]


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