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Hyperparathyroidism – Symptoms & Causes

Hyperparathyroidism is a disorder in which your parathyroid glands produce an excessive amount of parathyroid hormone, which plays an important role in controlling blood calcium levels. This condition would occur due to many factors and medical problems. In some severe cases, it would make calcium increase to a harmful level in the blood and cause many serious complications. Older women who are over 65 years old are often at the highest risks, but it could also happen in females and males of any age. In this guide, we’ll show you some common symptoms and causes of hyperparathyroidism.

Symptoms of Hyperparathyroidism


An excess amount of calcium in the body caused by hyperparathyroidism would affect your mental health. The deposits of this mineral in your bloodstream prevent the transport of nutrients and oxygen to your brain. As a result, the cognitive system would be affected over time and cause anxiety or depression. However, it can be hard to know if these mental issues are associated with your parathyroid gland. Therefore, have it checked by your doctor with a blood test to ensure early diagnosis and proper treatments. [1]