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10 Cause of Sudden Blurry Vision


Often, when we have any disturbances affecting our eyesight, we quickly dispel it as a need to get glasses, if we don’t rather attribute it to age. While it allays the trouble in most cases, it might not be helpful in others. This is because some diseases manifest with eye problems, and require the treatment of the underlying cause before they clear. One of the common eye troubles is a blurry vision. Maybe it’s a minor case in which you have to rub your eyes occasionally or squint to get a clearer view of a material in your field of vision. A blurry vision shouldn’t be handled with kid gloves, as it suggests a problem affecting one of the components of the eye. This could result from a variety of factors, and knowing the cause of your blurred vision is essential to your complete recovery.

People with sudden blurry vision have difficulty viewing objects with clarity. It is linked to a variety of causes. While some are serious and life-threatening, others are mild and can be treated easily. Amongst the serious causes of blurry vision are a detached retina, macular degeneration, and stroke. There are several moderate causes and mild ones too. Some of these conditions are enumerated below.