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6 Facts on Digestive Enzyme

An enzyme is a form of protein existing in a body cell. It is able to trigger some chemical reactions and facilitate many body functions. Digestive enzymes are those substances that are needed for proper digestive functions. They are mostly generated in your small intestine, stomach, and pancreas to aid in breaking down and absorbing foods. You can also get them from some sources of foods or supplements. Below are 6 basic facts on digestive enzymes that everyone should know.

How Digestive Enzymes Are Secreted?

Digestive enzymes can be secreted in both responses to foods and anticipations of foods. This means that your body can produce these substances even when you look or think about foods. When you smell and taste these products, the number of digestive enzymes in the tract will increase quickly to help with breaking down foods. They can be produced in many parts of the body, such as salivary glands, stomach, small and large intestines, as well as pancreas. [1]