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Leukemia – Diagnosis and Treatment

Leukemia Diagnosis

Physical Exam

The first step in diagnosing leukemia is to conduct a physical exam. Typical symptoms of cancer should be noticed, such as bruising, pale skin, or swollen lymph nodes. During this procedure, the doctor will ask several questions concerning risk factors, symptoms, family history, and your health condition. The provided information can help him or her decide which tests to implement to verify the presence of cancer cells. [1]

Blood Tests

Some blood tests can be done to detect abnormal features of leukemia. For instance, a complete blood count can measure the number of all blood cells in the body, including platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells. The results may help the doctor determine whether cancer cells are present in the blood. In people with leukemia, the number of white blood cells tends to increase. However, blood tests do not specify which type of white blood cells is affected. [2]