Multiple Myeloma – Stages and Prognosis

Multiple myeloma or blood cancer occurs when plasma cells develop and grow uncontrollably. This causes cancerous cells to take over other healthy white blood cells, which eventually generates abnormal proteins and damages the kidneys. In the long run, the condition would spread and affect many other body areas. Some typical symptoms include fragile bones, bone pain, unexpected weight loss, frequent infections, and more. Read on to learn more about the stages and prognosis of multiple myeloma.

1Systems to Stage Multiple Myeloma

International Staging System

International Staging System or ISS is the latest system to determine the stages of multiple myeloma. It is often used by most doctors and experts to predict the effectiveness of treatment and prognosis of the life span of patients. This system is based on 4 different factors to measure the progress of the condition. These include genetic changes, LDH or lactate dehydrogenase, B2M or beta-2 microglobulin, as well as albumin level. [1]


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