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Common Causes & Risk Factors of Bursitis

Bursitis is a painful illness which inflames the bursae. These are small sacs filled with fluids that cushion the muscles, tendons, and bones. Inflammation mostly occurs in the hip, elbow, and shoulder. However, you can also have it around some other areas, such as big toe, heel, or knee. Repetitive movements and injuries are often the leading causes. Below are some common causes and risk factors of bursitis that you should know to take preventive measures.


Injury and trauma are probably the most common cause of bursitis in many people. When you are hurt or wounded, it would irritate the tissues inside your bursa, which eventually leads to inflammation. In these cases, it often takes time for the condition to develop. To compensate for the loss of functions, the muscles, tendons, or joints located around the bursa might be overused. Bursitis caused by injuries often occurs when you perform repetitive movements and activities while working or playing. [1]