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How to Stop Fluid Leaking from Legs (Weeping Legs)

Fluid in the human body can leak into surrounding tissues from the blood vessels before being reabsorbed back into the capillaries. There is basically a balance between the amount of fluid that is leaked and reabsorbed. When some changes affect this condition, it might lead to edematous, swollen legs. This causes the fluid to leak outside the body. In this article, we will show you how to stop fluid leaking from weeping legs.


Compression is available in different forms and shapes, such as pneumatic compression, wrap systems, hosiery, and bandages. It is important to choose a suitable option that can provide firm pressure to squeeze the valves and veins, which helps prevent blood flow from running backward. Compression can help lower pressure in the lymphatic vessels and veins. As a result, more fluid can flow back into the body’s drainage system. Sustained compression would reduce swelling. You need to adjust it regularly to make sure it can squeeze tightly on your leg. For bandages, make sure to reapply whenever they are loose. [1]